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DreamFunding is more than just financially funding your dreams. It’s about wrapping those aspirations into comprehensive support so that self-sabotage, fear and mismanagement–the usual villains that get in the way of our accomplishments–don’t stand a chance.

For DreamDay2013, we have created partnerships and are continuously curating experiences so that every Dream can have its day. This year, our DreamFunding Partner, crowdit, is the premiere platform to begin the process of funding your dreams! crowdit supports “Dreamers”–just like you–who have ideas and just need a little funding to succeed.

Here’s how it works:

Simply create an account on crowdit by going HERE.

Once you have created your Dream, submit it to the Crowdit community, and we will review it. If we are satisfied that we can help, then we will publish your Dream to the rest of the community. If you need extra support in creating and uploading your Dream, The International Day for Dreamers team will host a DreamFunding virtual webinar before August 24th, the actual Day for Dreamers.

Register TODAY and begin the journey of funding your dreams and taking your life, business and/or community to the next level.

By submitting your Dream to get funded, you help create positive change in the world.

Crowdit is a BIG supporter of the International Day for Dreamers and is pledging to help raise money for the creation of Dream Academies in high-need areas all around the world. For every Dream started through crowdit, they will donate half of their fees to support the creation of DreamAcademy Workshops in the communities that need them most!

Dream Big. Take Action with crowdit!