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On September 25th,  join individuals from all around the world who are transforming themselves and the world one dream at a time!

What makes us human? What makes us the same? The fact is we ALL have dreams, goals, and aspirations for a better tomorrow. The problem is that many barriers stand in the way of making our dreams come true.

World Dream Day is the first global participatory holiday held with the express purpose of encouraging individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities to take time to focus on those dreams and turn them into reality.

We provide FREE inspirational tools and resources to empower you to set your dreams in motion in the form of live seminars, downloadable documents, funding opportunities and a steady stream of inspirational content.

Dream Day is a day of observation wherein we honor the role that dreams play in our lives, but more importantly, it is a day where we inspire hope in the hearts of people everywhere.

Every year, World Dream Day inspires, empowers and ignites the citizens of the world to rise up and take a stand for what they truly desire and deserve! Not only for themselves, but for their families, communities, businesses and the world.

All participants receive support to set their ideas in motion. Use these FREE tools to create a simple action plan that will transform your life, family, business, community and by doing so, create positive change in the world.


  • Download the toolkit: RELEASED SEPTEMBER 15th
  • Host your own dream event: HERE
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Direct people to these IMPORTANT links. Invite them to register so they can make the most of the Free tools and resources that will be available to them.

  • website: www.worlddreamday.org
  • twitter: @dayfordreamers
  • fbfanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DayForDreamers?ref=hl
  • fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/422377517813072/
  • email: info@dayfordreamers.com

About the Movement:

There is nothing more powerful than a dream whose time has finally come.Held within each dream is hope for the future and held within each dreamer is a wealth of potential. Dream Day seeks to unlock that potential and by doing so transform the world.

World Dream Day held on September 25th, is a global day of action dedicated to setting Dreams in motion. The purpose of the day is to honor the dreamer, visionary and innovator in all of us through live and online events.

Our Mission: Rebuild the Human Imagination

Our Vision: Unite the world in achievement and aspiration, and by doing so make the world a brighter, more innovative and collaborative place.


THE EXPERIENCE: For World Dream 2017, we invite participants in villages, towns, cities and countries all around the world to join us in a collective reimagining of what is possible for our world at a time when new visions are needed most. Specifically, we invite the declaration of dreams, the creation of visual art, film, spoken word, public dialogues, curated art exhibits, community gatherings, vibrant public demonstrations, individual and collective observances.

Everything that humanity has ever created started out as an idea, goal or dream in someone’s mind. With the current state of our world it goes without saying that the greatest impact that can be made is at the core. So we are calling for a collective examination of EVERYTHING so they can be strengthened from premise to promise.

For WDD2017, we invite the world to engage in reimagining what’s possible, advancing what’s working, and releasing what isn’t, goals and dreams that will make a difference in their lives, businesses and communities and create a ripple effect towards positive change. DreamDay events are happening all around the world and there are several ways to get involved, including inviting family and friends to create and share personal dreams, hosting Dream Dinners, social mixers, leading inspirational workshops/gatherings, and even creating your own TEDx style DreamTalk event.


ACTIVATE: Use our tools! http://bit.ly/wddtakeaction

Every action will contribute to the creation of a world, filled with new possibilities!



Every year, we establish strategic partnerships with key players from some of today’s leading personal, business and social development organizations, including crowd funding company CrowdIt, top co-working space, Grind, international instructors trained by the Chopra Institute, Jean Houston’s Social Artistry, and Landmark Worldwide. In 2013, Dream Day was an official partner of the United Nations My World 2013 initiative and New Future Foundation, Inc., an NGO in ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations.  Dream Day has been featured on Fox, MTV Voices, ABC and NBC and TEDx, The Building Creative Communities Conference and UN TV, Rising Women Rising World, Images and Voice of Hope, The Jean Houston Foundation, The Brahma Kumaris, PhanMedia, OM Sanctuary, Newburgh Open Studios, Om Sanctuary, 100,000 Poets for Change, Katoi, Humanity’s Team, etc.